Monday, November 20, 2006

You got to know your chicken

Here's an idea: Let's convince all nations in the world to have one internationally recognized holiday to honor Tim Berners-Lee. Without Tim, I wouldn't have been able to follow a trail of bread crumbs on this lovely thing called the Web, leading to a concert that I'm really psyched to see.

OK, I'll get to the story at hand, so quit yer moanin'. Later this month, we'll be attending the In The Attic jam at Joe's Pub on the 29th. One of the artists in the evening's lineup will be Sean Lennon, whom we'll be seeing at his own performance a few days later. Sean used to be involved with Yuka Honda, from Cibo Matto (pic above). I wondered whether or not Yuka might actually be hanging out at Joe's for that performance.

Still with me?


So, I went on a Yuka-search to see what she was up to. Sure enough, she's part of Sean's band and will be accompanying him on his tour. Good news. But wait.. she is also scheduled to appear at a special show on 12/9 at Japan Society. Looks cool... OK, so I'll pick up that bread crumb and link over to Japan Society to see what's going down. Well I'll be... Miho Hatori, Yuka's partner in Cibo-crime, will be performing the exact same night to show off her own material as well! Do they have in their hearts to do a joint encore and maybe serve some Sugar Water? Obviously, no one knows, but one can still dream. Regardless, it will still be great to see them perform.

And if it hadn't been for Tim Berners-Lee, the bread crumb trail wouldn't have been so readily available at those fingertips.

The last thing we need is to get all this linking together and see if we can establish all of the characters in this post as being six degrees from Kevin Bacon. Any takers?

(Interestingly enough, the University of Virginia has a program that does this calculation. Turns out that Sean Lennon is 2 degrees from Kevin Bacon, via Joe Pesci.)


At 2:59 PM, Blogger Mike said...

I'll take Birthday Cake, but I'm with you in spirit.

At 3:02 PM, Blogger gs.scooter said...

Great choice. That was the exact song that got me into CM in the first place, being on the Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack.

At 3:31 PM, Blogger Mike said...

I got into Viva la Woman about the time my (now) wife and I started dating. Of course we both loved Know Your Chicken as did everyone.

And she got into the whole second half of the album more than I did, with that Enrico Morricone-sounding Man & Woman sampling.

Or something like that.

But I was always about Shut up and eeee-eat, too bad no bon-apetit . . . . Hey, it was the rock n' roller in me.

But deep down I could tell the lady wasn't digging the hard-core screech quite as much as I was!


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