Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Incompetence: We Have A Winner!

A few days ago, I had quite a rant about the hoops I've been jumping through to renew a passport, via a passport rush service. I'm happy to say that today, April 24th, I've received the passport via Fedex.

Upon examination of the original priority mail envelope, it's now blazingly clear what the problem was. The US passport agency had the address completely wrong. It was addressed to me and the local rush passport service, the street address of the passport rush service, and the city/state/zip of my work address. That would explain the return-to-sender, as there is no such street address in the town where I work.

Subsequently, I extend apologies to the USPS and A Briggs, as the wacky, yet original, addressing scheme used by the passport agency was clearly something out of everyone's control.


At 1:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what was the problem bc I'm trying to mail my passport and got a "return to sender" after almost a month!! It said "the address changed 3 yrs ago" but when I go to the site on the sticker, the address is the same that I mailed it to?! I feel like someone's fucking with me and my trip is coming up :(


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