Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Who @ Mohegan Sun

Friday, December 1st, was quite the adventure. So, sit right down and you'll hear a tale..ok ok, put the bat down.

Anyway, the day started off with an airport run to pick up our friends, the McMullans. Amazingly enough, the flight landed a little early. My theory is that the pilot put on the after-burners to make sure they missed the storm system that was on the march to the east coast. Then, came the drive to Mohegan Sun. The worst traffic was on the NJ Turnpike just before one of the tolls. Construction + Toll Plaza = Clusterfuck. That's algebra for you.

About 3 hours later, we made it to Mohegan Sun in one piece, and I was especially happy to be out of the damn car (yes, I drove). After a quick freshening up, we acquired our tickets from the box office. Apparently, when we asked for seats in the first 5 rows, they thought that applied to any section in the arena instead of the section in front of the stage. Fucking semantics. Anyway, we ended up in the loge - not horribe, but clearly not fantastic. Obviously, there was no need to bring the camera along.

We finished dinner just in time to make our way in for The Pretenders. Chrissie Hynde was still very much on top of her game. Great vocals and very chatty. I was pleasantly surprised to hear "Precious" from the first album. Martin Chambers on drums was pure chaos. There were drumsticks flying everywhere and every so often he would spray water out of his mouth like a geyser. Since I've never seen them live before, it was a nice treat, albeit too short.

Prior to our boys hitting the stage, we made an attempt to blend in with the folks in front of the stage. We'd have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for those meddling kids (and security guards). The guards were pretty dickless for the most part. This one headphone-wearing-asshat even gave us a hard time when we tried heading back to the 2nd empty row in the loge. Prick. OK - on with the show.

There's nothing major to report as far as the setlist goes. It's basically the same as the set from the earlier leg of the tour. Unfortunately, the band just didn't seem very motivated for this particular show. Roger got pretty pissed off at the mics not working properly, blaming the problems on their having been made in China. Ouch. But then he told himself to shut the fuck up and left it at that. Pete was especially put out by that comment, as he pointed out that he was admiring some Chinese women in the front sections when Roger's comment killed his mojo.

I will say that the improvised jam during My Generation was one of the best I've seen and heard. Cry If You Want made its way into the jam as well. They were just in their element for that one, but it didn't carry through for the rest of the gig. During You Better You Bet, Pete had his equipment troubles. His strat refused to produce any sound levels whatsoever. So, he did the only thing that one could do. He took the guitar off, held it at the bottom of the body with the neck and headstock facing away, and hurled it to the right-rear of the stage.

This is the absolute first time I've ever seen Pete lose his temper with his guitar in hand like that. The throw itself had a beautiful arc and trajectory. Great air time and a perfect landing. It landed completely flat without any neck snapping whatsoever. Very impressive! Once they ran another strat to him, he had to screw around with several knobs, switches, and faders to make sure that he got the right sound.

Audio problems solved, the band carried on. Roger's voice was definitely starting to strain heavily when they got into the Tommy medley at the end. Although, he still produced a great strong vocal for Tea and Theatre. All in all, they seemed in relatively good humor, but just not terribly into the show.

The next morning after breakfast, we ran into Roger's in-laws in the lobby and had a really nice chat with them. They're quite the cool couple. The McMullans were taken to New London to catch a train to Boston to see the boys there. Hopefully that show went well, being a major city and all.

We came back later in the day and decided to bail on the George Carlin show in Westbury. It was just too much driving to take in for one day.

And now that Moon is meowing once every five seconds, I guess I should see what I need to provide him.



At 9:02 PM, Blogger Lin-no-da said...

Great review, I feel like I was there. I love the bit about Pete's guitar acting up during YBYB. Alan must have been on his toes for that one, always at the ready with a replacement in hand.

Thanks for writing it...
you are a cool guy!

-Lin B.

At 11:05 PM, Blogger Suesjoy said...

Hi Jon
Ok I didn't know your name until I read Lin's comment.
Excellent review - not the best show on the tour though, eh?
(Techinical probs).
Like your description of Pete chucking his Strat!
You know, I am selling my Rickenbacker that I severely neglected...I am fetching $3300 for her - it's an SH 350 prototype (Susannah Hoffs' Signature series).
I have been admiring it, and I get these pangs of sadness thinking about Pete destroying guitars!
They're so purdy! How can he DO THAT?
Granted, it looks so cool but STILL!!
They're precious, I think!
Take care and thanks for your comment on my blog.


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