Thursday, February 01, 2007

Comfort Food

Two days ago the sore throat manifested, and I knew I was in for the battle. So, I hunkered down and drugged up to get a good night's sleep. Yesterday, the congestion was in full swing. Luckily, Lisa was able to get some awesome matzah ball soup the night before and that was a major help. Then, to help things along, I watched a bunch of the DVDs from the Adult Swim cartoon, Home Movies.

The great thing about this is that I actually discovered this animated series a few years ago because I was sick and couldn't sleep. Now we've come full circle and I can enjoy any episode from the first two seasons. While there are gems in every single episode, I have to confess that my favorite involves the composition of a rock opera based on Franz Kafka. Above is a clip that shows the various music moments of this episode. Pure genius.

And it will make you feel better too!

UPDATE: I totally didn't know that seasons 3 and 4 were on DVD as well. Guess what I picked up during lunch? :) As an offset, I also picked up the next two books in the Symphony of Ages series, by Elizabeth Haydon. There are some cool characters in that series, so consider giving it a read.


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